High Performance Storage

Select from these high performance storage options to lower costs while powering your most demanding applications to maximum speed, security and functionality.

World Class Dell Compellent Storage Infrastructure. It’s tiered, it’s scalable and it’s powered by our partnership with Dell Compellent with Fiber Channel iSCSI (internet Small Computer System Interface) connections, all offered at zero capital cost to our Customers.


Storage infrastructure designed for Analytics The biggest mistake made by most Analytics providers is the failure to design storage properly. At Chi Networks, we design and configure storage platforms that offer a full spectrum of options. These range from ultra-fast Storage Area Network (SAN)-based Solid State Drive (SSD) storage with massive caches to rock bottom-cost block storage units holding massive volumes of archival data. All options are available separately or simultaneously, as your needs require.

Compellent Storage Area Network (SAN)  High speed Single Level Cell (SLC) and Multi Level Cell (MLC) drives on a Compellent Fiber Channel SAN are available to power the most challenging applications with the most demanding IO (Input/Output) requirements. Also available are multiple storage tiers that include two tiers of spinning disks. We can construct your storage pools to maximize IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second). You can also

  • Easily drive your Apps at 50,000 IOPS.
  • Use our Data Progression feature to automatically move lower tiers of storage, thereby controlling costs.
  • Manage a unified platform to provide optimal performance, adaptability and automated efficiency.

Compellent SAN Benefits

  • Your applications run faster even as your data ages and expands.
  • Your costs are automatically reduced, at any capacity.
  • Control is simplified even as it is extended.

Commodity Storage Options

Direct Attached

Direct Attached

We can engineer Solid State Drives (SSD) and spinning disks into high speed arrays as part of any performance package that’s designed to maximize IOPS and minimize costs.

Block Storage

Direct Attached

For applications requiring large quantities of archival storage, you can purchase Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) based block storage. This inexpensive option is priced to give you large, cost-effective storage volumes for archival storage that deliver adequate performance. We offer 10Gb or 1GB connectivity, based upon your requirements.

NAS Storage

Direct Attached

For applications where low-end storage is required, we offer NAS (Network-Based NAS Storage). It’s cheap and mounts easily and quickly on any device.