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Welcome to Chi Cloud Office™ a cloud-based desktop platform for all your sites, software and apps. It’s scalable and customized for your business. It looks and works like your current desktops while giving you the low cost and convenience of business in the cloud.
Chi Cloud Office™ can run the software of choice for most industries – such as Microsoft Office and even demanding software like CAD – smoothly and securely.
Chi Cloud Office™ enables your staff, clients and suppliers to meet from multiple locations and edit documents in real time. It’s as if everyone is working in the same room.

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Feel the power of doing business in the Cloud

Full Business Continuity

With Chi Cloud Office™, Your Windows, desktops, apps, and software all look the same.
And they work the same on all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone.

Your data tools are now available from multiple locations, giving your business full continuity in all conditions.
Connect with your employees, suppliers and clients during emergencies.

Maximum Productivity

Work from any location.
Run your most demanding apps securely in the cloud.
Run your apps in virtual meetings with multiple participants from multiple locations.
Enjoy multi-user, real-time document editing in your cloud meetings.
Maximize employee productivity and job satisfaction thanks to cloud connectivity.

Unmatched Security

Stored in our SSAE 16 Type II data centers, your data is safe from outside attack, internal tampering and natural disasters.
Your office is protected from email spear phishing, spamming and ransomware by our super-secure Data Armor™ email service.
We use cutting-edge tools to monitor your system and make automatic patches. We also monitor the Internet for new exploits and make manual patches as needed.

Lower Costs

No more costly upgrades! A cloud-based infrastructure brings this and other savings.
No contract required. Pay as you go, month-to-month Backups, patches, software and hardware updates are all included.
Your IT system is now scalable and readily expandable.
Chi Networks instant response Human Touch tech support keeps your system running smoothly for all your employees.

The Chi Networks Difference

Tech Support

Best Tech Support

Our expert phone specialists are available 24x7x365 to answer your questions at no cost – and with no hold, no wait and no automation!

Managed Service

Ultimate Managed Services

Enjoy the convenience and security that comes with the 21 management procedures of our flagship Ultimate Managed Services product.

Strongest SLA

Ultimate SLA

Your QuickBooks service is backed by the 31 guarantees and 1000% credit guarantee of the Chi Networks Ultimate SLA.

Deploy with ease – Pay as you go

Our Human Touch technicians will be happy to guide you through the Chi Cloud Office™ setup process and introduce you to its features.

There is no contract or obligation.

You pay as you go, month by month.

You may cancel at any time and at no cost.

Free 30-Day Trial

Call us now to see how we can meet your critical business needs or expand your business in ways that may surprise you. Fifteen minutes of your time will suffice. Then you can take Chi Cloud Office for a free 30-day test drive.


Tech Support

Data Security

Managed Service

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Strongest SLA


Strongest SLA

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