DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Monitoring of Traffic

Constant monitoring on our edge routers using our proprietary DDoS Protection mitigation system prevents hackers from flooding and shutting down your IT system.


  • We correlate the following: traffic utilization patterns, network latency, IDS/IPS reported threats, feedback loops and SNDS.
  • We monitor your servers second by second for unusual activity indicating any possible break-in attempts.
  • We use it to scan your system to identify vulnerabilities and, when one is identified, we work with you to correct them.
  • We log all activity at your servers to a remote location so break-ins can be analyzed in detail. (Most hacks result in local logs being erased.)
  • At the client’s request, we deploy our 24x7x365 NOC monitoring systems. These we configure to instantly pick up all server and Internet connection abnormalities. We confirm all client-reported issues and then address and resolve them without delay. The client is always notified via our ticketing system.


Add: Quick Elimination of Bad Traffic

We use proprietary tools to identify unwanted or hostile traffic and cut it at our edge routers and also at the edges of our ISP’s.

Quick Elimination