Monitoring of Traffic

Our expertise in the field of IT threat detection rests on fifteen years’ experience in the monitoring and prevention of threats to businesses of all sizes coming from  domestic and international hackers alike. To this end

  • We correlate traffic utilization patterns, network latency, IDS/IPS reported threats, feedback loops and Smart Network Data Services (SNDS).
  • We monitor your servers second by second year round for unusual activity indicating any possible break-in attempts.
  • We use the latest tools to scan your system and to identify vulnerabilities
  • When we detect a vulnerability, we work with you closely to correct them at your convenience whenever possible
  • We log all activity at your servers to our remote data center so that break-in attempts and actual break-ins can be analyzed in detail. (Most hacks result in local logs being erased.)
  • At the Customer’s request, we deploy our advanced 24x7x365 NOC monitoring systems. These we configure to instantly pick up all server and Internet connection abnormalities. We verify all client-reported issues and, when confirmed, we  address and resolve them without delay.
  • Our ticketing system and our certified technicians keep you regularly updated of progress being made to resolve your issue according to the terms of the Chi Networks Ultimate SLA.