Security by Design

Security by Design

Firm Foundations.   Our Security by Design process rests on

  • Secured Layers
  • Role Separation
  • Data Separation
  • Log Separation
  • Wire Security and Application Security



Proactive.   On these foundations we custom design a security system, scaled to your needs, that implements the following:

  • Separation of the data layer from the presentation layer.
  • Separate Layer 3 network for all Enterprise customers.
  • Securing the data layer to prevent root attacks when presentation layer is hacked.
  • Securing the data layer access to prevent leakage even when there is malicious access.
  • Securing the presentation layer to prevent privilege escalations.


Reactive.   Because no software is 100% impenetrable, all security systems require a reactive component. Ours consists of regular, scheduled penetration testing against all layers of a system to ensure early detection and prompt resolution of vulnerabilities. Tests include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Trade Press monitoring